Bethel Free Health Clinic, Inc.
The Clinic Dedication

It may have been a rainy day, but it didnít stop us from dedicating our new clinic!  Pastor Elijah Mitchell blessed our new location.  The media coverage by WLOX-TV was wonderful-telling our local community not only about our needs, but making sure all new how we can help meet their medical needs.  Judy and Jerry Bultman joined us and we had several out-of-town volunteer back to celebrate with us, like Ed & Eunice Burch from West Virginia, Carol Lee Tieman from New Jersey, Waldo and Leta Renich from Maryland, and Nancy Durance from Ohio, and Peg Sennett from Pennsylvania.  Alison Rollison took a break from her studies in Hattiesburg to celebrate with us!

Annual Poverty in America ... Poverty in Our Own Backyard

We reach out for support through Houses of Worship in the Biloxi. Our clinic is funded exclusively through donations, grants, special events and donated goods and services. Won't you help?